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Everyone knows the value of a first impression. But we have recently learned that landscaping the front and/or back garden reaps a 7% better return on your money invested when compared to other popular renovations you might consider. Just imagine what spending a little bit of time and effort will have on the value of your home if you do it now – before you sell!


It goes without say that creating a great first impression when you are selling your home is a good idea.  In the House Doctoring world this is called ‘curb appeal’ and it is just one of the tools in our box to help you make the most of your property.


Some of you may be fearful of spending any money now; after all you won’t enjoy the efforts of your labours the new owners will, right? Well, yes but so will you with a faster, higher value sale.


So here are Pomegranate’s top seven ways to increase the value of your property by adding to its curb appeal….



Freshen up ~ the paintwork. Don’t worry if your windows are old, if they are in good working order this will make all the difference. Flaking paint and blown render look like major jobs for any potential buyer. Even worse it will look like you just don’t care.  However, with just a weekend's work for you and a couple of mates, its well worth the investment!



Cut Back ~ and streamline the planting. This may be just a little prune but for some it could be a major undertaking. If you don’t have a green-fingered friend it may be worth considering employing a gardener for a few days to get it right.



Add colour ~ As I write Spring is just around the corner so the garden centres are starting to be full of bright and colourful planting options. Now, you don’t want to make this garish so go for simple, classic colour ways such as yellow and white or blue and mauve. The quickest way to add colour to the front of your home is by adding pots or hanging baskets. You can make these up yourself or chose from ready-planted ones.



Define your boundaries ~ this is often overlooked but people want to know which bit of the property is theirs and to see a definite marked boundary. Fencing is great, so if yours has blown down in the wind or is missing all together get it mended or replaced now!



Spruce ~ up the drive. Your drive is looking worse for wear, what can you do that doesn’t cost a bomb to get it sorted? Before you start panicking that you need to pay for it to be re-laid why don’t you contact The Paving Doctors, friends of PomNews. They are experts at reconditioning all sorts of hard landscaping in a trice.



Conceal the bins ~  if you live anywhere near me (Epsom in Surrey) you will have at least five bins to consider… landfill, kitchen, recycling, card, garden. Organising all these bins can be a major deal. If the least you can do is put them out of sight for viewings that’s great. Even better would be creating a bin store to organise and hide it all.



Lighten it up ~ the final bit of advice is to add a bit of lighting. This is for evening viewings especially. I always think an unlit house looks a bit sad, and the same can be said for the garden. For evening viewings I recommend that the porch light is left on and you consider adding some solar lighting in key spots around your newly refreshed garden, to highlight your good work.


So now you have your to-do list and enjoy making something shabby into something with real appeal!



7  Easy Ways To Create Curb Appeal

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